I’ve started the project called RICO – the tool, written in C++ for last resort data recovery. It can be used to extract data from corrupted datafiles and dump them in the form of text files. It is in the early development stage right now and the functionalities are narrowed to: Dump regular and partitioned […]

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12c: duplicate pluggable database without READ ONLY mode

At the beginning we have to prepare parameter file for the new instance Start the instance in nomount Since I want to duplicate the database in active mode I will register it in LISTENER. To achieve this I have to add the following lines to the listener.ora Now we can perform active database duplication with […]

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DBA: migrate database to ASM

Let’s try to migrate database to ASM diskgroup without big maintenance window. I have database and ASM ( – the database is prepared to migration: We will use recoverable copy of database to migrate to ASM. The first run of this script will create copy of datafile on ASM: Subsequent executions of this script will […]

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12c & ENDIAN

12c RMAN: convert between endian formats

There is a great new feature related to the 12c database. The feature that will resolve a lot of problems with migrating databases between endian formats. And thanks to our new partner – Omnitec, who agreed to share with their SPARC resources – I will be able to demonstrate you this powerful solution. Oracle has […]

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Restore all versions of the spfiles

A few months ago I showed how to restore a controlfile, when you have no idea in which backupset is the newest file https://blog.ora-600.pl/2014/04/26/oracle-myth-you-need-dbid-to-restore-the-controlfile/ On last training one of my students asked me, how to locate an appropriate spfile backup after using this trick (the restored database has a different DBID). Well, you can just […]

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Oracle Database 12c new features (Data Guard & RMAN)

Moja prezentacji z konferencji COIG http://prezi.com/ov5xbjytuzgw/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy&rc=ex0share

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Oracle myth: You need DBID to restore the controlfile

My experience shows that you don’t have to know the DBID now for restoring contorlfile from backup. If I know the name of backup piece, that contains controlfile I can do the following scenario: If I don’t know the name of the backup piece and there is a lot of strangely named files in a […]

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