Simple technics of privilege escalation — part2: DBA=SYSDBA

A lot companies consolidates databases into one appliance – like for example Oracle Exadata. So you can have a lot of different databases in one physical cluster. And what if I tell you that you can execute any OS command as an oracle user, having just access to a database user with appropriate privileges? What […]

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dBConf 2014

Ludzie z PLUG ( zorganizowali w tym roku pewną wyjątkową konferencję – dBConf ( pod hasłem "Bazodanowcy wszystkich środowisk łączcie się!". Idea zacna i mam nadzieję, że zyska popularność na polskiej scenie konferencyjnej, bo jak często się zdarza, żeby Oracle’owiec pogawędził przy piwku ze specem od DB2 lub SQL Server’a? Wymienił się uwagami z fanem […]

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Oracle 11g & 12c: tunning the sort and hash operations

Hash and sort operations are perfomed in PGA. Quoting after the documentation: A sort operator uses a work area (the sort area) to perform the in-memory sorting of a set of rows. Similarly, a hash-join operator uses a work area (the hash area) to build a hash table from its left input. If the work […]

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Oracle 12c: Oracle ASM Filter Driver (AFD)

In Oracle 12c ( to be exact) we can find a cool new feature: Oracle ASM Filter Driver. Quoting after the documentiation: Oracle ASM Filter Driver (Oracle ASMFD) is a kernel module that resides in the I/O path of the Oracle ASM disks. Oracle ASM uses the filter driver to validate write I/O requests to […]

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Restore all versions of the spfiles

A few months ago I showed how to restore a controlfile, when you have no idea in which backupset is the newest file On last training one of my students asked me, how to locate an appropriate spfile backup after using this trick (the restored database has a different DBID). Well, you can just […]

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Script for metadata export in SQL*Plus

Sometimes you have to export all metadata for a schema but you have no access to data pump or other tools. SQL Developer can cause a lot of problems with referential constraints. But there is always a good old SQL*Plus 🙂

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Interview for "IT Certification Master"

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Oracle 12c – WITH FUNCTION

In Oracle 12c there is a possibility to define a PL/SQL function inside the "WITH" clause, which can reduce the context switching overhead. Short example:

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HOWTO: Install Oracle RAC 11gR2 on VirtualBox (OEL6.4)

Install Oracle RAC 11gR2 on VirtualBox: VM templates can be found here:!esp1kQQA!CUr8SlErdPppk-GkxedTUAdMpVQPrrrSI3c1ouquAhk Prezi: Route to install simple RAC

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