Six years ago I wrote a short instruction on how to restore OCR and Votedisk in RAC 12c after a diskgroup failure. Yesterday I had a possibility of validating my procedure in 21c RAC environment and it has occurred that it is a bit more complicated. Who would have thought? 21 is just 12 backwards! […]

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clouds are ephemeral and often leak

Attacking encrypted blocks by cloud admin

So you have migrated your databases to cloud and you want to feel a bit more secure – what do you do? Of course you follow the golden rule and you encrypt you tablespaces. That’s reasonable and that’s what vendor recommends. All databases created in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure are encrypted using transparent data encryption (TDE). […]

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Rust as Oracle External Procedure

Inspired by a little chat with Frits Hoogland about the future of programming languages I challenged myself to learn a bit of Rust and show how to create a shared library to send emails and attach it to Oracle as an external procedure (just as I did with GoLang here: https://blog.ora-600.pl/2021/05/04/golang-as-oracle-external-procedure/) The steps are actually […]

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GoLang as Oracle external procedure

This short article is a result of the following Twitter activity: So let’s do it! First of all, you have to install GoLang: https://golang.org/doc/install Once this is done, we can create a Go program to send emails. We will use "gopkg.in/mail.v2″ to make it simple. Below you can find a simple GoLang code to send […]

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KVM – how to read encrypted Oracle Database blocks from Virtual Machine memory

Remember my post, regarding dumping the SGA to read encrypted blocks? What if I tell you, that you can do the same, while being a KVM host administrator with no credentials to a VM itself? Let’s prepare our secure database in a way I did in article AMM vs security. After enabling Oracle Wallet and […]

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VMI vs Security – careful what you type in a terminal

In my previous article I described a few technics of accessing a guest virtual machine from the virtualization host (KVM) without any credentials. It assumed that our data can get compromised by a corrupted vendor employee. After publishing it I had a few talks with my colleagues and have to explain one thing – the […]

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Cloud/KVM/VDSM/SRIOV/WTF security…

So apparently this cloud-thing is here for good. You may even say that it became endemic 😉 With cloud there is one potential problem – the bigger and heavier it is, the more possible is the leak. Cloud after all is just a virtualization in a big scale and if you go to public cloud […]

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What to do with 5GB of trace files?

Parse it 🙂 Simple, right? But for sure we are not going to use tkprof for 14 000 trace files, are we? We don’t have Diagnostic Pack and we just started a complete database tracing for an hour or two, because the customer said that they encounter performance problems during this period. Now you have […]

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LXD + XE 18c

Linux Containers (LXD) and Oracle 18cXE – installation

There’s a lot of articles about installing Oracle XE 18c on Docker. But Docker is not the only containerization technology on the market. In this article, we are going to create Oracle XE 18c installation in Linux Containers (LXD) A bit of history – LXC vs LXD When we start our adventure with Linux Containers […]

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