12c (Spatial)

12c: Spatial Vector Acceleration

There is a new feature in Oracle Spatial 12c, called "Spatial Vector Acceleration". According to Oracle: One of the most notable improvements with Oracle Spatial and Graph 12c can be seen in performance increases in vector data operations. Enabling the Spatial Vector Acceleration feature (available with the Spatial option) dramatically improves the performance of commonly […]

RAC: tips&tricks


In this article I will show how to change IP address of cluster interconnect. First we have to define new address of the cluster interconnect before we change network settings. And now stop all cluster resources on both nodes Now we can change cluster interconnect ips Now we can start init cluster resources on both […]

RAC: tips&tricks

RAC: change IPs on public network

In this article I will show how to reconfigure IP addresses in public network for RAC. ` First we have to close all cluster resources This command can hang on stopping ASM. It’s normal, because the resource CRSD is using OCR, which is located on ASM diskgroup. In ASM alertlog you will see errors like: […]

RAC: tpis&tricks

RAC: migrate standalone database to RAC

Procedure to convert a standalone database to RAC 11gR2 I have a single-instance database and I want to convert it to RAC with minimum downtime. The first step is to enable RAC option by recompiling the binaries (YOU HAVE TO STOP THE DATABASE FIRST!!!) After this operation I can startup instance and proceed to migration. […]

RAC tpis&tricks

RAC: add new node to cluster

Add a new node to RAC Check the network configuration for both nodes On the with active cluster, check the network configuration Configure appropriate network devices on the node, which I want to add Create appropriate user on the new node: Configure shared storage – first install ASMLib drivers (if you are using ASMLib :)) […]

RAC tips&tricks

RAC: change the voting disk and ocr location

Change VOTE and OCR location First we have to create new ASMLib binding Then we have to create new ASM diskgroup and set the appropriate attributes (at least ‘compatible.asm’) Then we can add a new location for OCR. And remove the old location Now we can replace the voting disk location

12c & ENDIAN

12c RMAN: convert between endian formats

There is a great new feature related to the 12c database. The feature that will resolve a lot of problems with migrating databases between endian formats. And thanks to our new partner – Omnitec, who agreed to share with their SPARC resources – I will be able to demonstrate you this powerful solution. Oracle has […]


Oracle on Solaris (SPARC)

Since the documentation to install Oracle Database on the Solaris SPARC 64bit is so lame, I wrote the short step-by-step instruction on how to install the database, using response file. I assume, that the network is configured and all appropriate packages are installed, so let’s start with configuring project and kernel parameter for user oracle: […]


Oracle ASM

There is some kind of wrong understanding, regarding what Oracle ASM really is. A lot of people thinks, that this is some kind of file system, provided by Oracle and that Oracle Database reads data "from ASM", while the truth is, that the database reads data directly from the physical raw device with assistance of […]


12c: New "small" features: DBCA

There are a lot of new powerful features in the 12c database but don’t forget about the little features that can make a DBA happier on the day to day basis 🙂 One of my favourites is a new approach to use a DBCA command line interface to create a database in silent mode: Nice, […]


Oralce uses gethostbyname in "*skgxp*" libraries [CVE-2015-0235]

Recently there was a new vulnerability introduced in glibc library: http://www.openwall.com/lists/oss-security/2015/01/27/9 Oracle is using the gethostbyname function in "*skgxp*" libraries: So this can be an issue – a specially in RAC environments. RedHat recommends to upgrade the glibc libraries: https://access.redhat.com/articles/1332213 And I do agree 😉


Slow TRUNCATE TABLE due to operations on MON_MODS$

One of my customers had a problem with a very slow TRUNCATE TABLE operation on a partitioned table having 22 000 partitions. The problem has raised after a test migration to database 12c. I’ve prepared a little demo to address this issue and show the walkaround for it. Oracle Database 12c ( Oracle Database 11g […]

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