Sparc M7 vs Intel and P8

by Kamil Stawiarski

I had a pleasure to work with my colleagues from Oracle – Radosław Kut and Krzysztof Marciniak – at comparing the performance of In-Memory queries between Sparc M7, Intel® Xeon® X5670 and Intel® Xeon® E5-2699.

You can find results of our findings in this presentation:

Following their methodology I’d like to present appropriate results from P8 tests.
(Please get familiar with the presentation first)

This chart represents response times and throughput for first tests:

Well, it looks a little bit messy and unstable, but things got better after setting this parameter:


(Many thanks to Radoslaw Mankowski from IBM for this hint)


The last step which you can see on this chart is for 100 users.

Make your own conclusions 😉

Special thanks to Adam Boliński for helping to setup the AIX environment and Sławomir Wolak for making P8 tests possible.

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