OUG Ireland 2016

by Kamil Stawiarski

I was second time at the conference organized by UKOUG but this time I had a pleasure to be among the speakers 🙂

To reach the level set by other speakers was impossible – but trying it gives a lot of fun.

Since I did a live demo and I didn’t have any slides – I promised to create a blog post covering the subjects that I was talking about.

  • Day 1: "Strace, Perf & Gdb – three friends for the DBA"

Everyone knows that execution plan is often not enough – that’s why we monitor the wait events. But sometimes we have to dig deeper to gain the low level knowledge – strace, perf & gdb are tools that can reveal secrets of the Oracle Database and help us to resolve more complex performance problems by gaining a deeper understanding of the Oracle Database architecture.

At my presentation I was focusing on those examples:



  • Day 2: "Oracle Hacking Session"

The live demo, presenting a real-life experience in penetration testing of the consolidated Exadata database environment, for one of my customers. In the short session I’ll try to show the threats of the consolidation era and how protect your environment.

The privilege escalation that I have used can be found here: https://blog.ora-600.pl/2014/12/23/simple-technics-of-privilege-escalation-part2-dbasysdba/

One of ideas to secure your database without fancy additional-payed licenses: https://blog.ora-600.pl/2015/10/11/secure-your-database-part-1/

I want to thank to everyone for the great atmosphere at the conference. Glad to meet a lot of new great people and meet again with old friends 🙂

Hope to see you all much more times this year!

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