RAC: change IPs on public network

by Kamil Stawiarski

In this article I will show how to reconfigure IP addresses in public network for RAC. `

First we have to close all cluster resources

[oracle@lodzio ~]$ crsctl stop res -all

This command can hang on stopping ASM. It’s normal, because the resource CRSD is using OCR, which is located on ASM diskgroup. In ASM alertlog you will see errors like:

ORA-15032: not all alterations performed
ORA-15027: active use of diskgroup "GRIDASM" precludes its dismount
ERROR: ALTER DISKGROUP GRIDASM DISMOUNT  /* asm agent *//* {1:57617:368} */

You can resolve this by restarting CRSD – execute below commands on all nodes:

[oracle@miodzio ~]$ crsctl stop res ora.crsd -init
CRS-2673: Attempting to stop 'ora.crsd' on 'miodzio'
[oracle@miodzio ~]$ crsctl start res ora.crsd -init
CRS-2672: Attempting to start 'ora.asm' on 'miodzio'

Now reconfigure all network devices and make appropriate changes in DNS. Make sure that all names are resolved correctly.

Delete public network from cluster configuration:

[root@lodzio ~]# oifcfg delif -global eth0/

And add new public network definition

[root@lodzio ~]# oifcfg setif -global eth0/ 
[root@lodzio ~]# oifcfg getif
eth1  global  cluster_interconnect
eth0  global  public

Now we can modify cluster resources:

[root@lodzio ~]# srvctl modify network -S
[root@lodzio ~]# srvctl modify nodeapps -n lodzio -A lodzio-vip/
[root@lodzio ~]# srvctl modify nodeapps -n miodzio -A miodzio-vip/ 
[root@lodzio ~]# srvctl modify scan -n scan.racdomain
[root@lodzio ~]# srvctl config nodeapps
Network exists: 1/, type static
VIP exists: /lodzio-vip/, hosting node lodzio
VIP exists: /miodzio-vip/, hosting node miodzio
GSD exists
ONS exists: Local port 6100, remote port 6200, EM port 2016
[root@lodzio ~]# srvctl config scan
SCAN name: scan.racdomain, Network: 1/
SCAN VIP name: scan1, IP: /scan.racdomain/
SCAN VIP name: scan2, IP: /scan.racdomain/
SCAN VIP name: scan3, IP: /scan.racdomain/

And start cluster resources:

[oracle@lodzio ~]$ crsctl start res -all

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