Voucher for POUG conference

by Kamil Stawiarski

Since the promotion tickets for the first international Oracle conference in Poland (poug.org/en) are sold out, I’ve decided to create a little contest allowing you to win a voucher code for -20% of the current ticket price.

The task is easy, but you have to use DBA and DEV skills to resolve it. So the simplest way is to cooperate with your colleagues to finish this task.

The first thing you have to do is restoring the 12c database from backupsets, which can be downloaded here: http://ora-600.pl/poug_voucher/backup.tar.bz2

After restoring the database, you will find, that EMPLOYEES table in HR schema has additional column – VOUCHER.

To find the voucher code, you have to find all employees, which were hired in the year that was second in the amount of hired people. Then you have to concatenate the letters in the VOUCHER column, based on the salary descending and remove character duplicates.

So as you can see – each single task is easy. But if you have only DBA ora DEV skills – you’ll have some problems, unless you cooperate with each other.

First 10 vouchers will be accepted.
Good luck!

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