POUG voucher – contest

by Kamil Stawiarski

Contest time!
I had a cool function in my database:

SQL> ;
  1  select object_name, object_type
  2  from user_objects
  3* where object_name like '%POUG%'
SQL> /

------------------------------ -----------------------

When executed, it returned a -15% voucher for POUG conference. And POUG is a REALLY COOL confernece 🙂 Check it out: poug.org

The problem is that I was cleaning my training database and dropped the function by accident.

Fortunately, I have archivelogs and I wrote recently a simple Python script to restore dropped PL/SQL objects (you can find the script in my previous blog post).

The archivelogs can be found here: http://ora-600.pl/poug/f_get_poug_promo_code_archs.tar.bz2

Have fun 😉

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